SDG2030/P5GO-1a – RAF vs NATO

This blog sets the focus on the 1st P5GO scenario – ‘RAF vs NATO’. In brief, the PPP (Puppet President Putin) started a 4th degree War-Game to its neighbor nation. That political call to war broke the Red Army chain of Command, violated the Russian obligations to the United Nations (UN), disrespected the UN High Court’s (ICI) order to stop, withdrew from the European Council of Human Rights (ECHR) and started a national purging of Russians - like some Gulag of 2022. The Kremlin’s PPP have also lured nations like Belarus, Kazakhstan, Syria and Iran into that fatal War-Game. The Games at play, though, seem rather to be of the St. Petersburg’s Winter Palace than of Moscow’s Kremlin.

However, the ulterior main Gain does not seem to be certain Ukrainian regions, but rather to trigger a much larger NATO warfare. Still, no one, except the PPP, want to participate – and no one should. Generally, a main anti-thesis to such Games is to play Game Over (GO), - thus the name P5GO. In order to end those never-ending intrigues, - the focus and actions must be set on the ulterior Gamer players – the PPP’s Red Army Faction (RAF), containing of a band of Red Mafia, Night Wolves, Wagner Group, and any other PROSA faction. This is elaborated in a blog series in 2016 concerning the PPP invasion of Georgia and the threats towards Ukraine.

Some categories of Berne’s Game theories are called Sexual (ID) and Underworld (Crime). He analyzed them at the inter-personal level of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree. These blog series of P5GO though, extends that foundation to inter-organisational Games of 4th and 5th degree, by modifying terminologies, models and issues. However, a main aim is to heal such dysfunctionalities of Humanity as well as quality ensure society by correcting suggestions to minimized damages of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) and games of CdE (Coup d’ Etat). The main script of such anti-UN sociopathy is the Cominterns 21 conditions to its members in order to make and abuse parallel apparatuses, like RAF, PROSA, etc.

In that petty attempt of 4th degree Game LYAHF (Let’s You And Him Fight), the PPP actions are still as described in the UU blogs series PROSA (Pro-Russian Oligarch, Separatists and Anarchists). In psycho-social science, these are basically the same in 2022 as elaborated in 2016 in the blog series P5GO 01-12 that analyze 12 aspects of PROSA, - namely; Politicians; Pension; Workers; Citizens; Oligarch; Separatists; Anarchists; Plutocracy; Psychocracy; Technocracy; Mass-psychoses; and finally, the anti-thesis Hyper-Democracy (See blog UU20160708-UU20160923.) However, since such Games of 4th degree are complex, there might be a Winter Palace Game going on in the Kremlin, like FOOJY (Let’s Pull A Fast one on Joey) where the PPP itself is set up to be caught and thereby eliminated. Therefore, the Game-players might be several actors in the 3-dimensional constitutional super-powers Throne, State and Temple.

Conclusively, the United Nations is the only organisation that can order nations to organize defensive counter measures – and even armed counter attacks. No PROSA parallel apparatuses are superior to the UNSC, although frequently played LYAHF towards Humanity’s Rule by Law. Consequently, no UN member state should have the ultimately power of veto in the UN, like the 5 permanent members have. Such Underworld Game players, should be suspended from the UNSC. The UN should also look to the EU on how to solve such ‘Brexit’ intrigues. Finally, the UNSC should be more aware of international like the anti-WTO conspiracy BRICS, the RAF and other Comintern dictated 5th columnists.

UN Sustainable Development Goals https://sdgs.un.org/goals  https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/humanity
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Touch and Go – John Foxx
Lyrics https://genius.com/John-foxx-touch-and-go-lyrics
The Game TAG (Touch and Go) is a children's Game in which one chases the rest, and anyone who is caught then becomes the pursuer. A 4th and 5th degree of TAG is called HAR (Hit And Run).

Xtra UU – Putin og vesten

Extra UU – Videos: Putin, Russia and the West & The Red Mafia “Putin, Russia and the West” is a four-part British documentary television series first shown in January and February 2012 on BBC Two about the relationship between Vladimir Putin's Russia and the West.” Part 1: Taking Control; 2: Democracy Threatens, 3: War, 4: New Start.